Space Owners

In our model The Space Owner leaves for work at 7.30am and doesn’t return until 5.30pm.

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The Problem

Are the car parks in your area very expensive to use on a daily basis?
Are there driveways being left empty?
Is there a lack of car parks near you?
Do businesses near you have insufficient parking for their employees?
Does your house look empty during working hours?
Do you need an exra income?
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The Benefits

Additional monthly revenue generated by an under-utilised asset. As your agent we will pay you monthly for the service
The added security of having a car on the drive. It looks as if someone is home
You only deal with our friendly local staff
You never have to engage with the Driver. If you have a problem simply call us and let us sort it out
Let us know all the details of your space such as the surface, the access, if there are any gates etc
We will hold photos for reference then match a Driver with your facility
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Our Pledge

Unlike other parking sites we will not list your space openly online, we will not post photos or pass on your details
When a Driver signs for our service we will match you and only then share your location
We will never hand out your personal contact details to the Driver
We use safe secure payment methods
We use a SSL secure website
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