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The Space Owner

Will I have to negotiate with the driver?

No, absolutely not. Your contract is with WORKADAY PARKING and we will take care of everything.

What if there is an unrecognised car on my drive?

Then contact us immediately. We will advise you of the details of the car to be parked at the start of the hire period including the make, model, colour and registration number. We will also hold details of any additional cars which belong to the driver and could be used as an alternative so we can confirm quickly if the car is known to us. If it is not on our data base we will contact the Driver.

What if I am ill one day so not going to work?

Please let us know ASAP so we can allocate an alternative parking space for the Driver.

What if I have decided it’s not for me?

Then simply let us know and in-line with our T’s and C’s we will cancel your contract.

The car has stayed past its allotted time, what can I do?

We all recognise that sometimes unexpected things happen. In the event of this the Driver will have to advise us immediately and we will inform you. There will be an additional hourly charge of £10 up to a maximum of £100.

When will I get paid?

We make payments on the 1st working day of every month.

Can they park in the evening or at weekends?


The Driver

What if I have to bring an alternative vehicle?

We will ask you to register any additional vehicles that you might use on our system. Please let us know if you are bringing one of your alternate vehicles and we will make the Space Owner aware of the change. You should still display the Vehicle Identification Number in the alternate vehicle.

What happens if I’m on holiday?

Please give us as much notice as possible and we will not charge for that time, in line with our terms and conditions.

What if I’m not in work today?

Please let us know so we can inform the Space Owner. We will not charge for the first missed day in a month but repeated missed days might be charged at our discretion.

Am I limited to the hours I can park?

YES ABSOLUTELY. At the start of the hire agreement a strict entry and exit hour will be set and you MUST NOT go over this time. Over-stays will be charged at the rate advertised in our T’s and C’s.

How long will my contract run?

Contract lengths are for negotiation at the start of the period but can be rolled over on a monthly basis to ensure no loss of service.

Can I use my space on weekends?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is a during the working day service ONLY.